Sunday, February 20, 2011

Autumn and the Goddess

Autumn is the secret time, for it is the twilight of seasons when we are caught between life and death.  The turning of the wheel takes us down into the centre of women power.  If compared to a woman’s moon cycle, Autumn is the Waning Moon, the time of bleeding, of the womb, of the blood mysteries.

It is the time of intense colour, the turning of leaf colours, the shedding and releasing.  All life surrenders, leaving behind the stillness of action, and prepares to enter the silence, the season of death. 

Sacred Symbols of the Goddess - the Labrys

The Labyrs, Sagarus, Halbryce, and Labyris are all names for symmetrical double-headed axe that was known to the Classical Greeks as “pelekus”, and whilst a version is still used in woodcutting and forestry today, the symbolism of the labyrs axe dates back to the early Goddess civilizations found around the Mediterranean. 

In ancient Minoan, Thracian and Greek religion, mythology, and art, dating from the Middle Bronze Age (3,000 to 600 BCE) onwards, and surviving in the Byzantine Empire, the labyrs can be found, as well as in specific African religions, such as Shango, where it also contains an element of religious symbolism.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Aphrodite - the Greek Goddess of the Heart

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, the Greek Goddess of love, beauty and sexuality seems to be everywhere.  Together with her Roman equilvant, Venus, images of hearts and the brilliant red rose are abound.

Historically, the worship of Aphrodite in Greece was imported from, or at least influenced by, the Phoenicia cult of Astarte.  According to Hesiod's "Theogony", Aphrodite was born when Cronos cut of the genitals of his father, Uranus, and threw them into the ocean.  From the foam of the waves emerged the beautiful Aphrodite.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Devotional Services about to commence

After a number of months of preparation, the recommencement of devotional services to the Great Goddess held at The Goddess House is fast approaching ... next Tuesday evening as a matter of fact.

Rarely do we, especially women, allow time for ourselves, and even less time for our own spirituality.  More often than not we are caught up doing spiritual work for someone else, in ways which may not necessary hold any real connection to us.  Or when we find that we do have time on our hands, the problem arises as to where to start ... These devotional services that are be held at The Goddess House are aimed to provide a solution to that.

Aquarius New Moon: Vessels for Living Water

by Jean Hinson Lall

The New Moon occurs on 3 February (1:01pm here in Adelaide, South Australia) and will occur in the sign of Aquarius, the third and last of the Air signs in the Zodiac, which is often thought to represent the highest development of the intellect – dry, cool, remote, impersonal and objective. Its image, however, is not that of the tweedy scholar lugging a briefcase or a white-coated scientist loading data into a laptop, but that of a lightly-clad human figure carrying vessels of water from which the contents are being poured forth.

"Dancing the Sacred Wheel" now available again

"Dancing the Sacred Wheel" now available again
The second edition of "Dancing the Sacred Wheel: A Journey through the Southern Sabbats" is now available through or direct from the author (Australian customers only) for an autographed copy.

Great Goddess Isis

Great Goddess Isis

Exhortation of Isis

You are She in the dust of whose feet is the hosts of Heaven,
Whose body encircles the Universe,
Who turns the Earth in its orb,
Who gives light to the Sun,
Who rules the World.

You tread death underfoot.
To Thee, the stars are responsive,
To Thee the seasons turn and the Gods rejoice
And the elements are in subjugation.

You are She that is the natural Mother of all things,
Mistress and governor of all elements,
The initial progeny of worlds,
Chief of Divine powers,
Queen of Heaven,
Principle of all the Gods celestial and the light of Goddesses.

At Your will are disposed the planets of the air,
The wholesome winds of the seas
And the silences of the unseen world.