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The following are an assortment of goods and services about the Goddess as well as other Goddess orientated sites that are proudly supported by The Goddess House.  Please contact the Priestess in Residence if you would like your site listed here.

The Moon Diary has been lovingly researched and hand written by Shekhinah Morgan for over 10 years.  It is crammed with information about lunar lore, myth and ritual as well as details about Moon phases, transits and void-of-course moon times enable accurate Moon watching in the Southern Hemisphere.

Indepth and personal astrological readings by Astrology of the Moon with Persia Wildwood. Persia personally calculates and prepares your Astrology of the Moon Interpretation. She combines keen insight as an Astrologer with her gifts as a wordsmith to bring the qualities of your Natal Moon to life in a way that will both inform and inspire you.

Anique Radiant Heart is a songstress of international renown. Her songs are used in rituals around the world where she regularly performs at Goddess Conferences such as Glastonbury (UK), the Goddess Temple in Orange County (USA), as well as the Australian Goddess Conference. Her cds about the Goddess are simply a delight to listen to.
Peruquois Frances has been passionately singing her way around the planet for 12 years, connecting people to their heart and voice.  Her voice has a timeless mystical depth crossing over cultural borders.Her music is rich with flavours of the Middle east India, Native America and even her jazz roots are in the weave.Often referred to as the 'Voice of the Mother Earth'.

PaGaian Org is the web site based around the book "'PaGaian Cosmology: Re-inventing Earth-based Goddess Religion", the result of an outcome of the doctoral work in Social Ecology from the University of Western Sydney by Glenys Livingstone.  Glenys has over 30 years experience on the Goddess path, which has included diverse spiritualities and a scientific perspective, inner work as well as academic scholarship. Her studies have been in theology, ritual, archaeomythology, social ecology, psychology, sociology and education.

Daughters of Ishtar is a woman's mystery school dedicated to women's unfoldment and the celebration of the Divine Feminine that is based in Fremantle, Western Australia.

Avril Webb was the original creatrix of the Australian Goddess Conference, which commenced in Melbourne in 2003 and continued until 2005.  In the service of the Goddess, Avril is a multi-talented woman, using her creativity as an expression of Goddess, with a wide range of gifts, archives and services being offered from her web site.

Amrita Hobbs is a progressive teacher and leader who is passionate about the place of Rites of Passage and Initiation on our lives. Amrita sings to the soul of woman to be true to Herself, live life beyond the edge and expand into the fullness of all possibility. Amrita brings a passionate commitment to making this a better world. Her work is said to be life changing. Amrita is an author and publisher, her latest book "Getting Real" is about growing up! is and invaluable resource for teens, parents and teachers.

The Order of the White Moon is an on-lined based Goddess Order with schools in America, the United Kingdom and soon in Australia. Frances (the Priestess in Residence of The Goddess House) is an initiate of the Order of the White Moon.

Goddess Gifts is an on-line shop specialising in ancient "herstorical" wisdom. They sell beautiful, ancient Goddess statues, jewellery, candle lamps and oil burners, banners, wall hangings, altar clothes, flags and much more.

"Dancing the Sacred Wheel" now available again

"Dancing the Sacred Wheel" now available again
The second edition of "Dancing the Sacred Wheel: A Journey through the Southern Sabbats" is now available through www.createspace.com or direct from the author (Australian customers only) for an autographed copy.

Great Goddess Isis

Great Goddess Isis

Exhortation of Isis

You are She in the dust of whose feet is the hosts of Heaven,
Whose body encircles the Universe,
Who turns the Earth in its orb,
Who gives light to the Sun,
Who rules the World.

You tread death underfoot.
To Thee, the stars are responsive,
To Thee the seasons turn and the Gods rejoice
And the elements are in subjugation.

You are She that is the natural Mother of all things,
Mistress and governor of all elements,
The initial progeny of worlds,
Chief of Divine powers,
Queen of Heaven,
Principle of all the Gods celestial and the light of Goddesses.

At Your will are disposed the planets of the air,
The wholesome winds of the seas
And the silences of the unseen world.