Writings on the Goddess

Over the last 20 years, Frances, the Priestess in Residence of The Goddess House, has written about the various aspects of the Great Goddess for numerous magazines, including Insight (where she had a regular column from 2002 to 2010), Goddess Guru, Avalon, Circle and Sage Woman

Her essays and devotional poetry have also appeared in an increasing number of anthologies include:
- Unto Herself: An Anthology in Honour of Independent Goddesses (essay on Neith),
- The Faerie Queens (essay on Morgan le Fay),
- Queen of Olympos: A Devotional in Honour of Hera and Iuno (a devotional poem to Hera),
A Mantle of Stars: A Devotional Anthology in Honour of the Queen of Heaven (essay on Nut and modern moon worship),
- By Blood, Bone and Blade: A Tribute to the Morrigan (a devotional poem to the Morrighan),
- Naming the Goddess (essay on Erieshkigal),
- Daughter of the Sun: A Devotional Anthology in Honour of Sekhmet (essay and poetry) to name a few.

Frances also has yet to be published essays in The Bosom of Isis (essay on Nephthys), Shield of Wisdom: A Devotional Anthology in Honour of Athena (essay on Athena's wrath), The Grey Mare on the Hill (essays on Epona and Rhiannon) and a yet to be titled anthology about Blodeuwedd (by Ninth Wave Press).

The following are a few of the articles that Frances originally had published in Insight, shared here for your reading pleasure.  Expanded versions of these articles can now be found in In Her Sacred Name: Writings on the Divine Feminine:

"Dancing the Sacred Wheel" now available again

"Dancing the Sacred Wheel" now available again
The second edition of "Dancing the Sacred Wheel: A Journey through the Southern Sabbats" is now available through www.createspace.com or direct from the author (Australian customers only) for an autographed copy.

Great Goddess Isis

Great Goddess Isis

Exhortation of Isis

You are She in the dust of whose feet is the hosts of Heaven,
Whose body encircles the Universe,
Who turns the Earth in its orb,
Who gives light to the Sun,
Who rules the World.

You tread death underfoot.
To Thee, the stars are responsive,
To Thee the seasons turn and the Gods rejoice
And the elements are in subjugation.

You are She that is the natural Mother of all things,
Mistress and governor of all elements,
The initial progeny of worlds,
Chief of Divine powers,
Queen of Heaven,
Principle of all the Gods celestial and the light of Goddesses.

At Your will are disposed the planets of the air,
The wholesome winds of the seas
And the silences of the unseen world.