Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Meditation - Wellness for Mind, Body and Spirit

I noted with interest in my local community paper last night that a number of primary schools were trialing meditation classes as a possible way to assist "stressed out children". How sad, I thought, that in today's society children as young as primary school age (from 5 to about 11 years of age) were being effected by stress.  Yet how wonderful that the benefits of meditation, a practice that has been followed by various groups of people for thousands of years, was finally getting some serious recognition here in the West.

No longer perceived as a practice for "weirdos" and "hippies", each and every one of us can gain a multitude of benefits from the regular practice of meditation with such benefits improving our personal well-being physiologically, psychologically as well as spiritually.  Some of these physiological benefits include a greater control of automatic nervous system, reduced metabolic rate, improved immunity, and also improved coherence of activity between left and right brain hemispheres.
On a psychological level, regular meditation helps to improve our focus and sense of control, reduces stress and anxiety, and enables us to gain a greater ability of self-realisation.  Finally, on a spiritual level, meditation helps to bridge our inner and outer selves, aligns our chakras (energy centres) and raises the vibration of our subtle bodies.  When our vibrational level is raised, this helps to expand our consciousness which in turn, opens the doorway to eventual spiritual enlightenment.

In order for us to meditate properly, our mind and body must first be relaxed.  In today's often stressful fast-paced modern society, it is not uncommon for some people to have never felt true relaxation.  Yet, in order for us to function at our greatest potential, relaxation is an invaluable tool to learn and master for it helps to develop concentration through the use of the mind's power.
Through the practice of regular meditation, we engage more in life and when we do this, we are able to heighten our own understanding of whom and what we really are.  When this occurs, we also begin to understand our own capabilities and what we can do.
Meditation is something that can occur anywhere – we do not need to have complete silence, as is often portrayed within some Western teachings.  Nor do we need to “go anywhere” as in a guided meditation, or even need to have our eyes closed.  Meditation is about “becoming aware”, becoming more conscious of our surroundings and more engaged in our life.  As our mind becomes more peaceful, we are able to experience a purer form of happiness, even when faced with the most difficult of circumstances.

Every Monday evenings (except for public holidays), meditations are held at The Goddess House. While these meditations do include metaphysical themes (along the lines of the above information), they are non-secular.  Everyone is welcome to attend these meditations on a casual or regular basis.  If you would like more information, please contact the Priestess in Residence.

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