Friday, July 19, 2013

13:13 Rainbow Bridge Tour with Tanishka Tantrika

It is always exciting when someone you know (or at least you have met), does something wonderful.  I first met Tanishka at the 2008 Australian Goddess Conference and was simply blown away by her wonderful energy and knowledge base.  It is a great honour therefore for me to pass on word of Tanishka's upcoming Rainbow Bridge Tour, especially as it is coming to Adelaide.

Named after 'The Rainbow Bridge' consciousness raising event featuring the King Cobra of kundalini, Jimi Hendrix in 1970 (the year Tanishka was born) - her mission is to tour the world for three years starting with Australia in 2013, Year of the Snake to awaken the twin flame serpents within the World Soul by activating groups by sharing ancient truths to dispel the seven veils of illusion which have blocked the seven major energy centres or inner doors that form the Rainbow Bridge. When these open we each become a vessel for creating Heaven on Earth.

Tanishka Tantrika, a Magdalene (High Priestess) is touring major Australian cities this August / September, sharing her entertaining and insightful revelations about love, sex and relationships & how they hold the key to our evolution at this pivotal time.

'A night out guaranteed to make 'Sex & the City' seem downright beige!'

A true 'Magical Mystery Tour', Tanishka will be sharing with audiences around the country the secret practices and teachings taught in ancient mystery schools that hold the key to our return to Eden - the fifth dimensional New Earth. Those who attend Tanishka's touring temple of Ishtar, (the ancient name for Venus, the Goddess of Love) will be anointed with sacred oils and served with a Holy Communion platter of fruits before enjoying her sermon from the mount of Venus!

In addition, Tanishka will speak about our need for conscious community and how men & women can attune to the cycles of sun & moon through the ancient practice of Red Tent circles & Brotherhood Lodges held at specific times to empower their essence. This practice is the foundation for conscious partnerships and communities. 

‘This extraordinary young woman is destined for the world stage. Her perceptions are dazzling & her immense creativity is directed by a powerful intellect. In addition I can absolutely attest to her diligence, attention to detail and her deep personal integrity.’ Jen Powell. creator of the Shaman’s Journey

About Tanishka:
In 1996 Tanishka left a career as a commedienne to teach Women's Mysteries which she did for 12 years creating Red Tent women's circles, an annual nine month Initiate Priestess course, rites of passage ceremonies & Oracle readings. She then spent another five years training facilitators, offering mixed circles for men & women & Tantric couples coaching. She is the author of two books, 'The Inner Goddess Makeover' and 'Creating Sacred Union Within'. She has trained 83 women and 14 men to facilitate circles in their local communities in 11 countries since launching her online training courses in February this year. She has 15,500 members in her online community as Facebook’s, ‘The Moon Woman’ which provides daily astrological updates. She has been a regular keynote speaker at the Australian Goddess Conference & the Melbourne Mind, Body, Spirit Festival & has written for various national magazines.

Adelaide Rainbow Bridge Public Talk: 7pm Saturday, 17 Aug 12013, TS Bookshop Downstairs Hall, 310 South Tce, Adelaide
To Book:

To Find Out More About Tanishka's Talk:
Price: $30 / $25 conc.
Discount Tix: Book 5 friends & get 1 FREE or Book Talk / W'Shop for $150 (save $25)

Adelaide One Day Workshop: 10am - 4pm. 18 Sunday 2013 .TS Bookshop  Downstairs Hall,  310 South Tce, Adelaide
To Find Out More About Her One Day Workshop:
Price: $150 (Talk & W'Shop Package $150) Places Limited
To Book:

Byron Bay Retreat: Dec 4-12. Gunnebah Retreat Centre.

For All Info and Bookings Visit:

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Great Goddess Isis

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